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Andy Kirk, school speaker – PHSE, delivers his presentation in schools, churches and youth groups about ‘The harmful effects of pornography’. Andy also speaks about the various issues involved in young people¬†‘sexting’,¬†which has become a massive issue in high schools across the country.

School speaker – sex education. Andy’s talks have a huge impact on the young people he speaks to. He uses his own experience of being addicted to pornography from first viewing it at the tender age of 11. He tells his own personal account about how and why he first started watching porn, how it negatively affected his life and how he got eventually got free from the addiction.

Andy speaks openly about his pornography addiction

Alongside his own personal account, Andy uses short videos and an effective presentation style to educate his audience about the harmful effects of pornography. He explains how over the last 10-15 years, scientists have discovered how addictive porn is, and how it affects the brain in the same way as many hard drugs such as heroin or cocaine.

Pornography is so accessible in this digital and technological world we now live in. Society excepts porn as being ‘Harmless fun’. Andy shows his audience how this is certainly not the case, using newly discovered scientific findings, as well as his own personal experience.

You are guaranteed to come away from this talk with a different attitude towards the subject of pornography. Check out the testimonials page for recommendations from schools that Andy has spoken at.

Andy has also appeared on T.V and the national tabloid newspapers.

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