“Andy spoke to our students about the dangers of pornography. In the assembly, he gave our students a message that was clear, challenging and relevant. In the general RE lesson, he was asked about his motivation and the consequences of porn addiction. The questions from one lad were thoughtful and measured. His talk obviously sparked something. One girl also asked, “if you do not believe in God how can you stop this addiction?” As a faith college, I can recommend Andy. As a person who wants humanity to see porn as something of no ethical value, I recommend Andy.”

Andrew Sullivan, Lay Chaplain, Notre Dame sixth form college.


“Some schools may shy away from raising the issue of pornography to a whole year group, but we found that Andy was able to speak with the students in a language that was meaningful and accessible. Our students responded really well and they weren’t shy to ask questions. Andy’s personal experience and testimony certainly helped to put the issue of pornography into context and allowed our students the freedom to dispel myths and raise awareness of its potential effects that many of us teachers, couldn’t ever do.”

James Aitchison – Assistant head @ St Wilfrid’s High school.


“Andy Kirk is a much needed revolutionary in today’s day and age of digital technology and ever accessible inappropriate and very sexual material online. I found Andy presenting the concept of porn being just like any other class A drug…very useful and informative. I was amazed to find that the effects of looking at porn have the same effects on the brain as with taking any drug! Coming from a religious background myself in Islam, I found this scientific research presented in this way really easy to understand and really put my religious scriptures of many thousand years before into lamen terms for any person to easily understand the negative effects of porn and what this can do to our youth and adults alike.”

Ansa Ahmed – Counselling Therapist.


“I have to say it is the first time I have heard anyone not just speak up openly and honestly but PUBLICLY about pornography and its effects. Andy Kirk that was just incredible … following this discussion, if you only made a difference in one person’s life and spare them from that crap and heartache that follows once that door is opened, that would be great, however, I believe everyone will be changed for the good from what you have shared. Listening to you speak with such confidence, boldness and freedom from your own personal journey that started at a young age of 11. I have to say my friend you were just incredible WOW…. I hope and pray that from this – all those who have struggled with this hidden ‘addiction’ will find hope and know that freedom – COMPLETE FREEDOM is possible & attainable.”

Cathy Clarke – Church group leader.

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