Andy Kirk – Scandalous Freedom

Have you ever kept a secret? A secret so dark that you couldn’t ever share? Not even with those closest to you?

For many years, Andy Kirk – Scandalous Freedom, a former professional Rugby League player, fought as hard as he could to overcome his personal demons and a secret addiction. It took rousing conversations he had with his physiotherapist to finally guide him to a relationship he could never have imagined….

And redemption of the supernatural kind!

Written with courage and determination to tell the gritty truth, SCANDALOUS FREEDOM might just be the most poignant story you ever read!

Andy, speaks about his autobiography titled: Scandalous Freedom

Scandalous Freedom by Andy Kirk was featured in the Sunday Star, Sunday People and Sunday Mirror when the book launched in October 2020.

Praise for Andy Kirk – Scandalous Freedom

“……..This book reveals a jaw-dropping, frank story unveiling the truths at the centre of Andy’s heart, truths that he in complete faith, feels inspired to reveal.

There is an openness to Andy’s story which should inspire and challenge us all. It is, to me, a committed journey inspired by faith-based works. I don’t think this is a book to decide judgement or argue morality, rather it’s a faithful search for truth and justice”Jamie Jones-Buchanan – Former Leeds Rhinos and Great Britain International Rugby League player

“Andy’s biography is a compelling read, from the highs of a professional sporting career, a lifelong addiction to porn, relationships, betrayal and the many twists and turns that his life takes.

“This is a ‘can’t put down‘ book! Andy shares and bares his heart, frustrations, pains, and consequences for his life choices – warts and all. This honest, emotional and raw story will possibly shock, surprise and evoke a different response from every reader. The ending has yet to be written and ultimately there is still hope even in the most despairing circumstances. My prayer for Andy and his girls is that God in His mercy, will trade ashes for beauty……it’s not over until it’s over”Warren Evans – CEO of Sports Chaplaincy UK

“To see the power of God at work, setting Andy free in such a profound way, is just beautiful and very inspirational. The highs, the lows, nothing short of a rollercoaster journey. A journey to freedom. Scandalous Freedom gives hope to the many of us who have felt unworthy, unloved and bound in addictions. It’s a “must-read” for anyone!”Allen Langham, Author of Taming of a Villain

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